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The National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine is a constitutional, permanent, collective, regulatory body. It issues TV and radio broadcasting licenses, monitors TV and radio broadcasters’ operations in compliance with the media legislation, license terms and conditions as well as their technical standards, introduces sanctions for violators,  manages the frequency recourse and elaborates the Electronic Media Development Plan.

From eight members of the National Council, four are appointed by Parliament. They are Mykola Fartushnyi, Yevhen Baranov, Oksana Yelmanova and Iryna Opilat. Three other members: Volodymyr Manzhosov, Larysa Mudrak and Oksana Golovatenko are nominated by the President of Ukraine.

As of December 31st, 2011 there are 1705 TV and radio broadcasting companies and program service providers in Ukraine including 68 subjects of information activity. During the year 2011 the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council held 49 weekly planned meetings and made 2985 decisions. In 2011 the regulatory authority issued 473 licenses among which there are 338 broadcasting licenses: satellite - 28, air - 145, cable – 37, wire – 17 and multichannel cable networks - 111. Also 135 licenses were granted for program service providers.

During the year 2011 the main activities of the National Council referred to the development of television and radio industry, the improvement of media and regulatory legislation, safeguarding the national informational security, promotion of domestic broadcasters and programs, encouraging the development of national-wide and regional TV and radio networks, the development of local broadcasting.

The National Council has made the appropriate steps towards the cooperation with the international organizations in order to exchange of experience and to study the regulatory approaches to new media (licensing, monitoring and supervision), the accessibility of audiovisual media services for disabled people and the issues of protection of minors: mechanisms of state support for production and distribution of programs for minors, requirements and obligations for broadcasters in regard to content for minors, typical violations and sanctions applicable and applied for violators, protective measures for children against the harmful content (broadcasting time limits, improvement for the system of symbols and other technical measure), cooperation mechanism for media literacy promotion. 

The considerable measures were taken also to implement the digital switch-over process. In December 2010 the National Council elaborated and approved the new redaction of the Electronic Media Development Plan which defines 5 stages for implementation of the digital terrestrial television. The first stage of this Plan describes the order in which the digital TV network should be created. The development of nationwide network is expected to promote simultaneous digital switchover for all nationwide channels, the public regional broadcasters and the leading local companies. 

In August 2011 the decisive steps were made in the process of digital switch-over. The National Council held the contest and announced the winners:

- 28 winners for digital channels with nationwide TV network on the MХ-1, МХ-2, МХ-3, МХ-5 in DVB-T2 standard (MPEG-4); eight of them obtained the right to broadcast in HD;

- 84 companies for digital frequencies with regional coverage. It is also planned to announce the second competition for the regional and local broadcasting due to 162 spare places in the network. 

Furthermore on 27 October 2011 in the framework of the Ukrainian Chairmanship of the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers the National Council held the International Conference “Digital Broadcasting in Europe: Legal, Regulatory and Technical Aspects” during which the complex study of digital switch-over process in Europe and Ukraine was provided. This event received words of cheer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, as well as of European Organizations and Foreign Experts.

Since 2000 the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council hold the annual Teletriumph contest, awarding the best TV broadcasters in various categories.

The Council supports the annual children’s television and radio festival Kryshtalevi Dzherela (Crystal Springs), the annual Kyiv TV and radio fairs, and other professional events. The National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine introduced a government sanctioned Award for achievements in developing Ukraine’s TV and radio industry.

The National Council is also a member of the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA), Standing Committee on Transfrontier Television (T-TT) and Black Sea Broadcasting Regulatory Authorities Forum (BRAF).

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