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The National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine


The National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine is a constitutional, permanent, collective, regulatory body. It issues TV and radio broadcasting licenses, monitors TV and radio broadcasters’ operations in compliance with the media legislation, license terms and conditions as well as their technical standards, introduces sanctions for violators, manages the frequency recourse and elaborates the Plan of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Development.

As of September 25th, 2014 there are 1 660 TV and radio broadcasting companies and program service providers in Ukraine including 76 subjects of information activity. Among them there are such TV and radio licenses: satellite - 104, air - 536, cable (TV only) – 147 and wire (radio only) – 254. Also 729 licenses were granted for program service providers. Besides, 102 Ukrainian media companies have 158 IPTV licenses.

The main priorities of the current Board of the Council focus on measures to provide the national informational security and tackle the external informational aggression from Russia Federation; to support and conduct the launch of the Public broadcasting and to run the process of digital switchover, to provide the deregulation of the media landscape. The National Council maintains a broad and open dialogue with the industry and the public about the majority of the issues of its activity.


The new Law of Ukraine “On Public Broadcasting” was adopted in May 2014. This law sets up a legal framework for Public Television and Radio Broadcasting in Ukraine and determines the principles of the national Public broadcasting. The regulator is responsible for the establishing of Supervisory Council of the National public broadcaster, so it is obliged to conduct 9 conferences of nationwide public associations, separately for every kind of activity: education, science, physical culture and sport, journalism, legal, protection of minors and youth, art, local self governmental authorities and protection of disabled people. The Supervisory Council of the National public broadcaster should consist of 9 members, elected for four years.


The National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine cooperates with the Council of Europe in the framework of two media projects:
● joint project of the Council of Europe and the Government of Canada  “Promotion of European Standards in the Ukrainian Media Environment” and
● joint project of the Council of Europe and European Union “Strengthening of the Information Society in Ukraine”.


These projects are aimed at improving in Ukraine the freedom, diversity and pluralism of the media and promotion the effectiveness of the personal data protection.


The National Council is also a member of the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA) and the Black Sea Broadcasting Regulatory Authorities Forum (BRAF).

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