On August 31 Ukraine switched off the analog TV signal transmission technology - Національна рада України з питань телебачення і радіомовлення

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On August 31 Ukraine switched off the analog TV signal transmission technology

The Cabinet of Ministers by its Resolution of June 13, 2018, № 509, amended the Plan for the use of the radio frequency resource of Ukraine regarding the timing of the use of analog TV broadcasting technology. On August 31, 2018 analog television broadcasting will be stopped throughout the country. A month ago, on July 31, the analog radio signal was turned off in Kyiv and Kirovohrad Region.

The National Council submitted proposals to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the need to preserve analog broadcasting in the bordering areas, where there are risks of the aggressor state’s informational impact, for the public broadcaster (“UA:PBC”) and local companies that do not have digital licenses. The government has taken these suggestions into account.

On July 18, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted Resolution № 580 “On Amendments to the Plan for the Use of the Radio Frequency Resource of Ukraine”, according to which analog broadcasting will be maintained in the territories with the special broadcasting mode (the zone of the United forces operation and on the border with Crimea).

On August 29, a Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers № 667 was adopted, according to which, for “the broadcasting channels designated by the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine broadcasting in the territories bordering with the Russian Federation and the temporarily occupied territories and broadcasting channels in the territories where the programs of “UA:PBC” and local broadcasters that do not have licenses for digital broadcasting” were set the date of May 1, 2019 as the final date for the switch-off of the analog TV broadcasting technology.

Representatives of the National Council in the region, along with the employees of the regional state administrations, carry out extensive awareness-raising work for the population, call centers were launched at the local level, TV and radio channels tell the viewers about this national event and place relevant information in their broadcast.

Previously, the Regulator appealed to the distributors of the largest brands that supply the digital signal converters to the Ukrainian market in order to maximize the supply of the necessary equipment to the trading network.

Small suppliers of digital equipment in all regions of the country are also informed about the situation in the domestic market. Thus, retail networks maximize the availability of tuners and television sets of different price categories – ranging from the most expensive to the cheapest ones, in order to satisfy the demand of the population for the necessary equipment for receiving the digital television signal.

The digital switchover is carried out by Ukraine in accordance with the obligations stipulated by the Geneva-2006 Regional Agreement.

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