65 friends of Ukraine. The National Council has compiled a Thanksgiving List to the world media that fight against russian propaganda - Національна рада України з питань телебачення і радіомовлення

65 friends of Ukraine. The National Council has compiled a Thanksgiving List to the world media that fight against russian propaganda

The National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine has added sixty-five TV and Radio companies, media groups, media providers and National Regulatory Authorities from various countries into the Thanksgiving List. In this way, the Media Regulator would like to show its gratitude for the support of Ukraine in the fight against russian propaganda.

We hope that the Thanksgiving List will be constantly updated.

Thanks to the attention of the media community, TV and Radio marathons and charity concerts around the world our friends have already managed to raise more than 83 million Euros to help Ukraine. This figure is constantly increasing and concerts and marathons continue to be held.

The geography of support is wide: the List includes representatives of the media communities of more than 35 countries from Europe, the United States, Canada and Japan.

Ukraine has received the strongest support from the media communities of Poland (8 media entities),
Belgium (5) and the United Kingdom (4), Germany (3), Estonia (3), Georgia (3), Romania (3) and the Czech Republic (3).

The list includes:

  • National Regulatory Authorities that provide permissions to retransmit Ukrainian channels in their countries and block russian propaganda;
  • TV channels that retransmit Ukrainian programmes or started translating their own programmes into Ukrainian in support of our country;
  • media groups that have launched radio in Ukrainian or have provided their air time to Ukrainian radio stations;
  • providers and platforms that block russian channels and turn on Ukrainian ones instead;
  • radio stations that have started producing programmes in Ukrainian or retransmitting Ukrainian radio programmes. 

Everyone who fights against russian propaganda is helping to stop the concentrated evil from russia that threatens the whole world. Ukraine is grateful for the support of the media allies.

Let us recall that earlier the National Council appealed to the European Platform of Regulatory Authority (EPRA) to join the fight against russian propaganda.

Most of russian channels have been blocked by 6 National Regulatory Authorities that are EPRA members – Poland (KRRiT), Lithuania (LRTK), Latvia (NEPLP), Estonia (CTRA), Moldova (CA), Greece (Georgian National Communications Commission).

29 countries have partially restricted broadcasting of russian propaganda channels in their territory – ‘russia today’ and ‘sputnik’ (27 Member-States of the European Union).

Twelve National Regulatory Authorities, EPRA members, have not responded to the National Council’s request – Norway (NMA), Liechtenstein (AK), Iceland (Icelandic Media Commission), Bosnia and Herzegovina (CRA), Montenegro (AEM), Albania (AMA), Macedonia (Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services), Serbia (REM), Kosovo (IMC), Turkey (RTÜK), Israel (SATR, CCSB) and Azerbaijan (ACRA).


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