The Latvian regulator canceled the broadcast license of the "Dozhd" TV channel - Національна рада України з питань телебачення і радіомовлення

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The Latvian regulator canceled the broadcast license of the “Dozhd” TV channel

The head of the National Council for Electronic Mass Media of Latvia (NEPLP) Ivars Abolinsh announced on his Twitter page that the Latvian media regulator canceled the broadcast license of the TV channel ” Dozhd. ” It will expire on December 8.

The decision was made concerning the threat to national security and public order. NEPLP concluded that the management of the TV channel does not understand and does not realize the seriousness of the violations; therefore, ” Dozhd ” cannot broadcast on the territory of the country. Thus, “Dozhd” loses the opportunity to broadcast on the territory of the European Union.

In addition, considering that this TV channel is also broadcast on YouTube, the Latvian regulator will ask the platform to place a geoblock on the TV Rain channel so that the content is unavailable in Latvia.

NEPLP imposed three fines on the TV channel “Dozhd”: 4,000 euros for the fact that the channel did not launch an audio track in Latvian, 10,000 euros for showing a map where the Ukrainian Crimea was marked as the territory of the Russian Federation, and the Russian army was called “our army,” and 10,000 euros for spreading statements about the TV channel’s assistance to the Russian military. These three sanctions made it possible to cancel the broadcasting license of “Dozhd.”

We will remind you that in January 2017, the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting removed the TV channel “Dozhd ” from the list of foreign programs whose content meets the European Convention on Transborder Television requirements and the legislation of Ukraine. The reason was violations of the legislation of Ukraine. The National Council concluded that the disseminated information violates the legal rights and interests of Ukrainian citizens, encroaches on the honor and dignity of a person, and shows a lack of recognition of the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

On the air and its website, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea was marked on maps as a constituent part of the territory of the Russian Federation. The correspondent of the “Dozhd” channel violated the rules for entering and leaving the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine. The popularization of law enforcement bodies of the aggressor state was noticed. In addition, the TV channel aired commercial advertising, which was prohibited for foreign programs that do not fall under the jurisdiction of European Union member states or states that have ratified the European Convention on Transfrontier Television.


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