In April 2021, the daily volume of the Ukrainian language on the national radio met the requirements established by law - Національна рада України з питань телебачення і радіомовлення

In April 2021, the daily volume of the Ukrainian language on the national radio met the requirements established by law

Seven radio stations, for the second month in a row, broadcast their programmes in Ukrainian only, while in April for five broadcasters this indicator decreased by 1% to 25%. At the meeting on May 13, the Member of the National Council Mrs Olena Nitsko announced the results of the new monthly broadcasting monitoring of fifteen national radio stations with regard to their compliance with the language quotas.

During April 2021, the National Council monitored national radio companies for their compliance with the requirement of parts 2, 3 and 5 of Article 9 of the Law of Ukraine “On Television and Radio Broadcasting”. Radio broadcasting was monitored around the clock on each day of the month. Based on the results of monitoring the final act was compiled with information on the daily volume of programmes and songs in the Ukrainian language. More details on the monitoring process and its aspects can be found in the methodological explanations developed in 2019 by experts of the National Council in cooperation with experts from public sector and media industry.

In accordance with legislative requirements, radio broadcasting in the state language should be ≥60% of the daily broadcasting volume, the amount of songs in the Ukrainian language on the air of radio stations during the day should be ≥35%. According to the results of the April monitoring of the National Council, all 15 nationwide radio stations met the requirements of the language quotas.

100% of programmes of seven radio stations – “Kraiina FM”, “Ukrainske Radio”, “Lux FM”, “Radio Promin”, “Radio Kultura”, “Retro”, “Nashe Radio” were broadcast in the state language. The lowest indicator for the second month in a row is recorded with regard to the radio station “Russkoie Radio – Ukraine” – 65%. Compared to March, the volume of broadcasting in the state language on the air of three radio stations increased – “Shanson” – by 11%, “Radio NV” – by 12%, “Piatnitsa” – by 1%. At the same time, in programmes of five radio stations, the Ukrainian language was heard less often, its share decreased more for the radio station “Melodia” – by 25%.

In April 100% of songs sounded in Ukrainian on the air of “Craiina FM” and “Ukrainske Radio”. Also, high rates – above 80% – were observed with regard to two more public radio stations – “Radio Kultura” and “Radio Promin”. Fewer songs in Ukrainian could be heard on the waves of the “Shanson” radio station, their share for the second month in row now stands at 39%. By comparing the results of monitoring with the previous reporting month, the indicators for two radio stations underwent significant changes. The volume of songs in Ukrainian decreased more with regard to “Radio NV” – by 12% and “Radio Kultura” – by 11%.

Monthly monitoring of broadcasting of national radio stations allows the National Council to monitor their adherence to legislative requirements for the mandatory share of the Ukrainian language, track any changes in radio broadcasting and, if necessary, promptly respond to violations.

The infographics show the detailed results of monitoring and the dynamics of changes in the volume of the Ukrainian language in the national radio broadcasting.

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