The National Council addressed the Weimer Media Group - Національна рада України з питань телебачення і радіомовлення

The National Council addressed the Weimer Media Group

Mrs. Christiane GOETZ-WEIMER
Founder, Publisher
Dr. Wolfram WEIMER
Founder, Publisher

Dear Dr. WEIMER,

The National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine takes this opportunity to express our deep respect to you and the Weimer Media Group.

We are very upset with the decision of the Weimer Media Group to equate the importance of the President of Ukraine to the employee of the main Kremlin propaganda mouthpiece the Channel One for the promotion of democracy and peace in Europe.

As you know, in Russia, any TV programme, news for sure, is not broadcast live. Thus, Ms. Ovsiannikova’s imaginary courage is part of a scenario developed by one of the main propagandists of the Putin regime, Channel One leader Konstantin ERNST, who, by the way, is under sanctions in many European countries for Russia’s unjustified, extremely brutal and full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

To assure that Ms. Ovsiannikova’s release and free departure from Russia to Europe are part of an insidious plan, you could look at Ms. Ovsiannikova’s repeated speeches and posts on social media about the need to cancel sanctions imposed on Russia. This “happy” release came at a time when people were arrested in Moscow and even convicted for single pickets with the cover of Leo Tolstoy’s novel War and Peace.

We urge the management and journalists of the Weimer Media Group to choose the right position in the current situation and to refuse to award the prize to Ms. Ovsiannikova.

We would also like to kindly ask Axel Springer Verlag, who publishes Die Welt, to refrain from any cooperation with Ms. Ovsiannikova at all, as an example of “conserving” the Putin team’s influence on the European brains of several generations. But we leave this decision to the German press, which is an example for many democracies today.

Yours sincerely,

National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine

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