The National Council applied to broadcasters to inform on possible deviations in their programme concepts - Національна рада України з питань телебачення і радіомовлення

The National Council applied to broadcasters to inform on possible deviations in their programme concepts

The National Council understands that the introduction of the quarantine entails the risks of inability of broadcasters to implement the programme concepts provided for by their licenses.

Realizing that in these difficult times it is necessary to develop a position that minimizes the negative consequences for broadcasters and at the same time ensures respect of the interests of the state and society, the Regulator applied to broadcasters with a request: in case of urgent need and real impossibility of implementation of programme concepts due to introduction of the quarantine, to inform the National Council about this cases, by letters, stating the reasons for such changes/deviations and providing confirmation of the circumstances set out in such an explanation. These letters will be taken into account by the National Council within preparation of relevant decisions.

At the same time, the National Council noted that changes in programme concepts cannot violate broadcasters’ compliance with the principles of information security requirements. The monitoring of broadcasters is ongoing during the quarantine period, and the regulator constantly monitors compliance with the requirements of the legislation concerning the information security of the state.

We also would like to inform that the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has suggested an educational project All-Ukrainian School Online in order to teach Ukrainian pupils remotely during the coronavirus epidemic in Ukraine. Lessons for students of grades 5 to 11 were recorded by 40 Ukrainian teachers, TV hosts and singers. Then these lessons have begun to be broadcast on Ukrainian TV channels. The first lessons started on April 6, 2020 at 10-00. The lessons can be watched on TV channels, on YouTube or on social networking sites. A specific TV channel is assigned to each grade (5 to 11). These channels have temporarily changed their programme concepts of broadcasting.


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