News Release Round Table “Children on TV: how to cover and adhere to the rules” - Національна рада України з питань телебачення і радіомовлення

News Release Round Table “Children on TV: how to cover and adhere to the rules”

The discussion was held on December 18 by the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine with participation of the “Telekritika” NGO and the Council of Europe Office in Ukraine.

The event was focused on the issues of participation of under-eighteens in various programmes and talk shows, on approaches for media improvement related to social aspects affecting children and being in compliance with the rules of journalistic ethics.
The reason for the round table was entailed by the numerous complaints of TV viewers related to certain social and format talk shows that are transmitted on Ukrainian TV channels. The topics covered by them and their titles often shock being dealt with the most sinister aspects of the human nature. Addressing charged matters is of definite need but the awareness of the vulnerability of children should be at the priority. Such programmes broadcasting before the watershed can substantially affect mental and psychological health of under-eighteens.

Within the round table the experts cautioned against participation of individuals with immature psyche who can not be ware of the consequences of participation in frank straight conversations to a large audience.

The round table participants have offered suggestions on predation of programmes involving children participation, which will be used in elaboration of recommendations for the media community. The event was attended by representatives of state institutions, human rights organisations, TV channels, media experts, psychologists, scientists, journalists and the public.

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