The National Council has launched a new project Media Change Ukraine - Національна рада України з питань телебачення і радіомовлення

The National Council has launched a new project Media Change Ukraine

Due to the quarantine announced in the country (from March 12 to April 24 and prolonged until May 22), the possibility of creation and purchase of the content by TV and radio companies has been critically restricted. In order to provide Ukrainian TV companies with quality programmes, above all – informative and positive in their content, the National Council has put forward the idea of creating a content database that could be used by any Ukrainian TV company.

Thus, the content sharing project – Media Change Ukraine has been launched. It can be joined by any TV company, even by Internet bloggers of video sharing platforms. This project should become especially valuable and relevant for the regional media outlets.

The core of the project is that different companies supplement the content database with their own programmes that can be used by other broadcasters for free. A special website provides companies with a possibility to register themselves, obtain access to the content directory, choose what they need to broadcast and after submitting a relevant application they get access to the chosen programmes.

The use of such content is subject to the following conditions: no payment, no transmission to third parties, and no use on the Internet – only by means provided by licenses of the National Council, for the period of the quarantine/emergency situation, established by the government.

Entertaining programmes and documentaries appeared to be the most popular genres. This could be due to the fact that they are more sophisticated in production and not every TV channel is able to produce such a product. The project let stakeholders get to know about strong sides of regional content producers.

In addition, this project has become a kind of cultural exchange programme – in these new circumstances the regions of the country has started their
mutual product and cultural acquaintances. This idea has been a long-held but not implemented one, so the circumstances of the quarantine have unexpectedly helped to put it in place.


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