Three new programmes will be available for viewing in Ukraine - Національна рада України з питань телебачення і радіомовлення

Three new programmes will be available for viewing in Ukraine

On March 1st, the National Council amended the List of foreign programmes, the content of which complies with both the requirements of the European Convention on Transfrontier Television and of the legislation of Ukraine, adding three new TV channels – Sophia TV, Silence TV and Epic Drama.

 “Sophia TV” is a German religious satellite TV channel that is broadcast in English and German 24 hours a day.

 “Silence TV is a meditative TV channel that contains no aggressive information or upsetting news and holds a universal license for all types of TV broadcasting: cable, satellite, IPTV, mobile etc. of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The programme is broadcast in English 24 hours a day. The foresaid TV channel is distributed all over the world via the Internet using CDN technology.

 “Epic Drama is a British satellite channel belonging to Viasat World Limited (UK). The content of the channel is dedicated exclusively to films of European and American production. The programme is broadcast in English and Russian 24/7.

Aforementioned TV channels do not contain any pornographic programmes or films, demonstration of which is prohibited on the territory of Ukraine, as well as any commercial communication.

Thus, the current List of foreign programmes that are allowed for retransmission in the cable networks of Ukraine contains 173 broadcasters.

At the said meeting the National Council also considered the possibility of listing two more programmes: “Mediaset Italia” and “TGCOM24”, country of origin – Italy. However, Ulyana Feshchuk, Deputy Chairman of the National Council, noted that there are some reservations as to the content of the programmes of Italian broadcasters. One channel recently aired Vladimir Putin’s interview, which denied Russian aggression in the East of Ukraine and the occupation of Crimea. Therefore, the decision to further analyze the broadcasting of these TV companies was made.


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