In 2017 the National Council received 806 enquiries and 133 requests for public information - Національна рада України з питань телебачення і радіомовлення

In 2017 the National Council received 806 enquiries and 133 requests for public information

At the National Council meeting on 18th of January, 2018, an annual analytical report on the public enquiries and requests was taken into consideration and into account.

The great part of enquiries were received from the City of Kyiv – 311, as well as from the regions of Ukraine: Odesa – 61, Kharkiv – 58, Lviv – 56, Dnipropetrovsk – 43, Kyiv – 38.

The contents of the enquiries were influenced by events having happened in the television and radio landscape, by the facts of adoption of a number of laws that changed the process of the information area regulation.

At the beginning of 2017 the Regulator received a number of enquiries regarding changes in the list of programmes provided to subscribers of programme services providers, as well as changes in the pricing of programme packages. A significant number of letters were concerning the shares of Ukrainian-language songs in broadcasting of domestic radio stations and the share of the state language on television.

Similarly to the previous period, there were incoming letters concerning broadcasting of Russian films and TV series, which should be suspended in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Cinematography”, in particular those containing the promotion or propaganda of the aggressor state’s bodies and their individual actions, creating a positive image of employees of the aggressor state, justifying or recognizing the lawful nature of the occupation of the territory of Ukraine, etc.

A number of enquiries concerned broadcasting of programmes, the content of which, according to the authors of enquiries, contributed to the incitement of national or religious hatred or contained calls for war. Based on such enquiries, relevant monitoring sessions were carried out to verify these facts. In case of their confirmation by the National Council, appropriate response measures were taken.

Citizens also paid attention to the programme content of channels; to the need for its qualitative improvement; to compliance with the requirements of the advertising legislation by TV and radio organizations, for instance, the authors of enquiries were concerned about the excessive amount of alcoholic beverages advertising on TV; as well as to the issue of introduction of digital broadcasting.

133 requests for public information were received from both legal entities and individuals. This signifies an increase by one third in comparison with the figure of the previous year – 100. The requests solicited the provision of copies of documents on the performance of the Regulatory Authority: decisions of the National Council; minutes and agendas of meetings; contact data of broadcasting organizations included in the State Register of information entities in the area of television and radio broadcasting; the number of programme services providers in certain localities; statistical data on the activities of broadcasters and the like.

On 19th of June, 2017, the new website of the National Council was launched. This made it possible for citizens to submit enquiries and requests for public information or to register for admission by the Members of the National Council and the employees of its structural units online. Thus far, the Regulator received 37 enquiries from citizens and 14 requests for public information via the site, while the rest of citizens preferred to use traditional forms of correspondence.

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