The Worlddab seminar on digital radio started its work in Budapest - Національна рада України з питань телебачення і радіомовлення

The Worlddab seminar on digital radio started its work in Budapest

In Budapest, from 22 to 24 May, the issue of digital radio development is being discussed widely – the WorldDAB, a global membership branch organization, is hosting a workshop, as well and the MWT-2019 conference will be held in these days. Advising Assistant to the Member of the National Council Ms Yulia Nechyporenko takes part in the events.

The development of digital broadcasting is a topical issue for Ukraine. In 2018, the National Council licensed 14 radio stations for broadcasting in the digital standard, including 3 Public Service Radio programmes. During the implementation of this trial in Kyiv, cooperation was established with the WorldDAB, which has organized the first seminar on ”Best Practices for implementation of SFN networks” held by the WorldDAB Spectrum and Deployment Network (SCIN) Committee on 22 May in Budapest, Hungary.

During the WorldDAB seminar Germany, the UK, Italy, Norway, Poland and France introduced their digital radio introduction practices.

The issue of support of the introduction of DAB networks will also be discussed during the annual MWT-2019 Conference, which brings together media professionals and transmission equipment manufacturers.

In Europe the number of digital radio listeners is increasing, and the emergency of new cars with the relevant receivers contributes to this. The launch of digital radio broadcasting in Ukraine last year confirms that we are following the European trend” said the Ms Yulia Nechiporenko in her communications with foreign colleagues.

Background: The purpose of the National Council’s participation in these activities is involvement in the discussions of the main aspects of DAB and DAB+ digital radio broadcasting and of the best practices of deploying single-frequency networks (SFNs). Due to the large-scale deployment of DAB+ digital broadcasting throughout Europe and beyond and in order to support the implementation of DAB networks the WorldDAB Spectrum and Deployment Network (SCIN) Committee has been established.


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