10 radio stations will broadcast in digital format in Kyiv - Національна рада України з питань телебачення і радіомовлення

10 radio stations will broadcast in digital format in Kyiv

On 29th of March, the National Council announced the results of the competition for digital radio broadcasting in Kyiv. 10 radio stations are to broadcast in DAB format, with three of those being dedicated to public broadcasting.

All 8 of the companies that have entered the competition (three radio programs at NPBC PJSC) were granted the right to broadcast in digital radio standard in Kyiv. The multiplex proposed for competition has 14 seats.

There were no applications filed to fill the four remaining seats, therefore the National Council decided to terminate the competition for those.

Consequently, the winners of the competition are:

LLC TRC “IF Media-Groups”, City of Kyiv (“Radio Maria”);

LLC “Vozdvyzhenka Art House”, City of Kyiv (“Old Fashioned Radio”);

Charity Organization “Charitable Foundation” Maydayart”, City of Kyiv (“Zemlya”);

LLC “Consensus Media”, City of Kyiv (“Hype Radio”);

PJSC “Radio Company” Gala”, City of Kyiv (“Krayina FM”);

LLC “Kyiv Digital Radio”, City of Kyiv (“The First Digital”);

PJSC NPBU, City of Kyiv (“Ukrainian Radio”);

PJSC NPBU, City of Kyiv (“Radio “Promin”);

PJSC NPBU, City of Kyiv (“Radio “Culture”);

LLC “Television Company “Atlant-SV”, City of Kyiv (“Radio Meydan”).

Member of the National Council Serhii Kostynskyi remarked that the Regulatory Authority was preparing for this event for quite some time, in particular, it has been very active in the last two years – issues such as the possibility of importing transmitters, participation of the industry were discussed. He also named several components taken into account by the Regulatory Authority when implementing this project. “First of all, we understand that the analogue era is coming to a halt, and we have to keep up with the civilized world. Secondly, we care about our listeners. And we believe that the larger the range of radio stations in the air, the better for the listener, because it enables them to choose. And the introduction of new technologies makes it possible for new niche radio stations to become accessible to the listener. Thirdly, we are committed to support, helping everyone who is interested in broadcasting. I am convinced that this experiment will be successful,” he said.

The Chairman of the National Council Iurii Artemenko said that the Regulator will announce the competition for the remaining seats in the multiplex at the next meeting.

The digital broadcasting licenses have been granted to broadcasters for the period of 7 years.

The presentations of the broadcasters can be found  here.



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