Working visit of the Deputy Chair of the National Council Mrs Uliana Feshchuk to Lithuania - Національна рада України з питань телебачення і радіомовлення

Working visit of the Deputy Chair of the National Council Mrs Uliana Feshchuk to Lithuania

On December 22, Deputy Chair of the National Council Mrs Uliana Feshchuk met the Chairman of the Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission Mr Edmundas Vaitiekūnas and the Vice-chairman of the Commission Mr Mantas Martišius, as part of her working visit to the Republic of Lithuania.

During the meeting, the issues related to the powers of the regulatory authority in the area of broadcasting services of the Republic of Lithuania were discussed. Particular attention was paid to the tools of ensuring the independence and legal capacity of the Radio and Television Commission. Parties also discussed aspects of the EU legal requirements introduction into the national Lithuanian legislation on audiovisual services.

Moreover, the parties of the meeting focused on the issues of ensuring national information security, taking into account the challenges faced by Lithuania’s media outreach from the Russian propaganda media resources. The representatives of the Lithuanian regulator got into details of the cases of propaganda and misinformation of the Russian-language media and presented the ways to counteract from their experience. Mrs Uliana Feshchuk presented the position of the National Council on approaches applied to protection of the national media landscape in Ukraine in conditions of information and military aggression of the Russian Federation. Both Parties agreed on the importance of applying balanced regulatory approaches and tools to ensure information security while guaranteeing media freedom and plurality of opinions.

During the meeting, the practical aspects of ensuring the transparency of media ownership in Lithuania were also looked into. The experience of creation of the external portal, which has formed and published information about the ownership structures of the Lithuanian media since 1996 in a convenient and accessible to the general public format (and related functions in cooperation with the media regulator and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania) was considered.

The Parties also discussed the experience of the Lithuanian regulator in protecting children from harmful media information, since this topic is of particular relevance in Ukraine nowadays.

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