In 2018 the National Council received over 1100 public enquiries and more than 100 requests for public information - Національна рада України з питань телебачення і радіомовлення

In 2018 the National Council received over 1100 public enquiries and more than 100 requests for public information

During 2018, the National Council received 1137 written enquiries from citizens and 113 requests for public information. All of them have been considered, and well-meaning and comprehensive answers and clarifications were provided to the contributors in a timely manner. During the meeting of the Regulator on  January 24 a newsletter on the results of the work of the citizens enquiries was considered and information provided was duly noted.

As in previous periods, the most active contributors were the residents of the capital – about 400 enquiries, almost 100 letters from the residents of Dnipropetrovsk Region, more than 60 – from the applicants of Kharkiv and Odesa Regions.

The switch-off of analogue television and the transition to digital broadcasting standard resulted in the receipt of numerous appeals by viewers to the Regulatory Authority. In particular, during July-September, there were about three hundred enquiries on relevant topics. First of all, the applicants worried about the need to purchase means of reception of digital broadcasting signals, the quality of a digital signal and the lack of the possibility of receiving it in the territory of individual settlements. A part of the requests was sent to the provider of the national digital TV network “Zeonbud” LLC and the Ukrainan State Centre for Radio Frequencies to take appropriate responses.

In connection with the end of the transition period, the adoption of changes to the legislation on language quotas on television and radio the Regulator continued to receive letters, the content of which concerned the observance by the national radio companies of the legislative requirements for the share of songs and broadcasts in the state language, as well as the amount of state language on television.

Frequent complaints were filed about violations of the rights of minors in the filming of television programmes and in relation to the broadcast of programmes containing, in the opinion of the applicants, scenes of violence, cruelty, and elements of pornography. Some of the appeals for inflicting harm to the children’s audience were sent to independent media institutions and expert psychologists to obtain relevant expert opinions and were considered at the meetings of the National Council.

In addition, spectators and listeners were concerned about the issues of information security and protection of the national TV and radio from external and internal threats, the broadcast of foreign programmes that are not included in the list of channels allowed for retransmission, programme content of channels, in particular, on its qualitative improvement, the need to comply with the requirements of the legislation on protection of public morals etc.

In 2018, on the basis of citizens’ appeals, 15 unscheduled inspections of the activities of national TV and radio organizations on compliance with legislative requirements were conducted, with further consideration of their results at the meetings of the National Council. According to the results of the review a “warning notice” sanction was applied to a number of companies, and a fine was imposed on three broadcasting organizations.

Legal entities and individuals addressed requests for public information, namely requested to provide copies of documents based on the results of the activities of the Regulatory Authority: decisions of the National Council, minutes and agenda of meetings. Also, some requests related to the information about the TV and radio organization, which were included in the State Register of Iinformation Entitieas in the Area of Television and Radio Broadcasting, statistical data on their activities etc.


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